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Eating at “Marble Arch” – Hotel “Jai Mahal Palace” in Jaipur, India

Here at Jai Mahal Palace, there are a number of dining options. The all day dining restaurant is called “Marble Arch” and offers both in door and outdoor seating which looks out on to the expansive hotel grounds. “Cinnamon” is the more refreshing stylish restaurant with a Punjab and Moghul menu. There’s also the cute “Marigold” bar which guests pass through to go to “Cinnamon”, and a poolside dining option which I didn’t have a chance to try.

The "Marble Arch" on a hot afternoon

The "Marble Arch" on a hot afternoon

The most popular restaurant is “Marble Arch” because of its easy outdoor dining area and its mixed cuisine menu of Indian, Western and Chinese fare. This is also the breakfast restaurant, serving dosas, and both Indian and Western buffet. It’s just appealing to eat outdoors looking out through the arches over he property, but the space isn’t large enough to accommodate the interest. Unfortunately the glass doors which enclose Marble Arch’s inner moderin dining area don’t open onto the patio, so most people actually avoid eating there. The service is also much slower inside. Every evening at 7:00pm there is a fun traditional dance and music show right in front of the outdoor eating area which attracts a good crowd…traditionally dressed women, backed up by local musicians delight guests for about a half hour, even inviting them to participate toward the end.

At first the service was distracted and inefficient at the “Marble Arch”, but then picked up to attentive service by the end of the week. The hostess, Deepika, was very sweet and engaging, adding a bit of flare and personality to the restaurant. As the staff learns your standards and preferences, the service and food quality seeme to improve. I ordered chicken biryani one evening early on which was basically unacceptable – dry, overcooked rice, of almost no particular taste – and returned it soon after, explaining why. By the end of the next day, the dishes were already better. I am aware that they are in fact working on food and beverage standards here knowing it’s a bit uneven right now at lunch and dinner (more consistent at breakfast). The “Marble Arch” has the potential to be a wonderful all day dining space, and I’m sure it will be.

Overall Rating: 7 Food Originality/Presentation: 6
Host Welcome: 8 Service: 7
Atmosphere: 8 Staff Uniforms 7
Lighting: outside 8 Pace of Meal: 7
Food Quality: 6.5 Music: NA
Food Taste: 6.5 Noise level: LOW