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Nha Tanh, an up and coming designer in Saigon, Vietnam

Nha Tanh, an up and coming designer in Saigon

Nha Tanh, an up and coming designer in Saigon

One night I was invited to go to a nightclub in central Saigon called “Bounce” for a party and fashion show. An NGO organization called The East Meets West Foundation, was sponsoring the event. This is an organization that has been active in Vietnam for 20 years, providing health and educational support throughout the country.

Bounce is a small space, located above the Parkson mall on Le Thanh Ton Street. It’s one of the most popular clubs in town, and I was curious to see the kind of crowd the club attracted. As we were waiting to get in (we had to be put on a guest list for the event), I saw Nha Tanh in the crowd. He stuck out for how he was dressed and how he carried himself; he clearly loved color and was poured into extremely slim fitting jeans. He wore his hat well; he was probably the only one wearing a hat that night. He was a character, someone I wanted to shoot, and I immediately thought he must be involved in some sort of design. I didn’t hesitate to go right up to him…he was with a small group of people and I hoped that at least one of them could speak some French or English. (more…)