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Tokyo Style

I spent a couple of hours shooting passers by in the Omotesando neighborhood of Tokyo. With the help of my guide, I approached people and asked if I could shoot them. One of my favorites is the shot of handsome Tetsuya surrounding by a group of school kids. As I was shooting him alone, a group of students passed with their teacher, and I pleaded with them to stop and join in the photo. They were happy to do so! Another couple, dressed in self designed outfits inspired by Merimekko, had just been shopping at La Foret, a trendy department store. I asked them to jump for a few shots! The serious, shy man wrapped in his black skirt and Prada bag was shot directly outside La Foret. I matched the image of him with a street scene from Ginza. He knew exactly how to pose, although he said was not used to being photographed.